“Halfway Through Session”…

Many of you are contacting me wanting to know what’s going on in the Capital, what should you be focusing on, what can you do…

I’m furious that our legislature is mirroring the White House’s agenda – very little good for everyday people but plenty of protecting corporate interests.

In the first 41 legislative days the House has passed:

*HB57 —allowing law enforcement to further target anyone

*HB91,SB19 —Right to Work & anti-labor dues (both signed by Governor)

*HB95, HB153, HB339, HB452, HB460, HB461 —making it harder for citizens to access Missouri’s legal system if they ever need

*HB126 —abolishing prevailing wage in the construction industry

*HB251 —abolishing requirement of union dues

*HB288 —reducing unemployment compensation to 13 weeks from 20 weeks

*HB289 —-reducing who pays into workers compensation

*HB634 —anti-public school education

*HB655 —more tax credits for fake religious unregulated pregnancy centers

*HB1194 —not allowing cities to set their own minimum wage (St. Louis)

*HCB3 —removing tax credits from elderly poor to give to other poor

Numerous bills that protect corporations in current or future litigation. Anti-labor union bills. Anti-worker unemployment bills. Anti-public education. Anti-minimum wage.  Anti-accurate medical information. Pro-racial targeting.

We still have 29 legislative days to go.  Coming up:

*Numerous anti-abortion anti-women anti-science bills which will make your head spin  (see below)

*Numerous gun industry bills

*Bathroom restriction bills targeting transgender students

*Anti-immigration bills which are unconstitutional

*More “tort reform” bills coming from the Speakers special committee on Litigation Reform.

*Budget bills rewarding of tax credits but take $$$ from the poor, social services, public education, healthcare, etc.

I wish I had answers of what we can do to stop this punitive agenda.

Good news however:

1) House bills which haven’t yet been heard by House committees have little chance of progressing out of both chambers before adjournment.

2) Bill filing deadline (March 1) has passed, except for the new “House Committee Bills”, those advanced by committee chairs (never saw these in the past)

3) We adjourn at 6pm on the dot, Friday May 12th.  Time is counting down.

4) We are ON LEGISLATIVE SPRING BREAK until Monday March 27th.  That is a good thing.

Pay attention:

*Committee hearings —UPDATED DAILY HERE.  Anyone is welcome to testify at any public hearing which begin again on Monday, March 27th.  Committees usually meet at the same time on the same day of the week and are usually noticed up by Thursday afternoon of the week before.

*Pesky little House subcommittees which are confusing everyone as to their

purpose like:

Subcommittee on Second Amendment Preservation —next meeting March        28th, 8am (guns, of course)

     Subcommittee on Boards & Commissions

     Subcommittee on Scope of Practice

*Session —we normally go into 10am and 2pm House floor sessions following our Spring break.  The Speaker determines when we adjourn each day or into the evening – whenever he chooses. When we are in session, you can listen or watch live debate HERE.  I also try to live tweet floor debate when I can —@staceynewman on Twitter.

*Senate —don’t forget the other chamber.  Listen when they’re in session HERE.




In St. Louis County, look up what’s on your ballot HERE.   Absentee voting information for St. Louis County HERE.

Nothing you care about?  VOTE ANYWAY.

Get in the habit of voting every single election.  Become a “Frequent Voter” whom candidates talk with (the rest of you may not get a candidate visit).  Pay attention to who is running for school board, mayor and local office.  Many run for higher office eventually and you should learn their agendas.

2) My best advice: make as much noise as you can, wherever you can, to whomever you can, as loud as you can. That’s what I do on bills on which I focus – gun violence prevention, reproductive justice, immigration and voting rights….via email, social media (Facebook & Twitter), etc.

3) Follow legislative alerts from organizations you care about (I do!) – sign up for their newsletters and stay informed the best you can.

4) Testify or just attend hearings, come watch in person or livestream floor debate. Listen to the action. Write the Speaker and committee chair.

5) Attend marches, rallys, town halls, legislator meetings, issue events —be vocal on what you care most about. Clue in your like-minded friends and colleagues.

6) Don’t be complacent or silent.



Sign on my House floor desk last week.

I’m opposing all of these bills below and will be extremely vocal in floor debate (if I’m allowed to speak). Not one of these helps women or physicians but add more barriers and burdens on those who need access to reproductive healthcare. Missouri GOP interference is NOT NEEDED.

I’m talking to younger GOP legislators who find themselves in medical situations as many throughout the state sometimes experience and who suddenly understand.

I asked one recently whose wife had a tragic pregnancy complication if he wishes the House floor was present in his wife’s examining room. He said, “touche”. Unfortunately, his family experienced a “real life” situation which is in direct conflict with the GOP’s anti-reproductive healthcare access agenda. He may not change his vote on any of the extreme bills below but he promised to do what he can to prevent them from progressing.

HB174 – RELIGIOUS PROTECTION FOR FALSE PREGNANCY CENTERS AND PREEMPTING ST. LOUIS CITY ANTI-PREGNANCY DISCRIMINATION ORDINANCE—Rep. Tila Hubrecht (R-Dexter) – Protecting fake pregnancy centers which have no state regulation but receive millions of tax credits PLUS ending anti-pregnancy discrimination ordinances such as the one recently signed into law in St. Louis City


Criiminalizing those who transport minors to another state for an abortion
HB 194 – ABORTION —Rep. Diane Franklin (R-Camdenton)

Fetal disposal and inspections, ban on fetal cell research omnibus bill re 2016 anti- Planned Parenthood investigative hearings

HB326 – TWO PARENT NOTIFICATION OF MINOR ABORTIONS —Rep. Rocky Miller (R-Lake Ozark) Mandating both custodial parents be notified regardless of the danger that causes for a minor

HB 908/HB757 – PAIN CAPABLE UNBORN CHILD PROTECTION —Rep. Donna Lichtenegger (R-Jackson) & Rep. Phil Christorfanelli (R-St. Peters)  New restrictions on abortion re gestational age & fetal pain.

Planned Parenthood’s FACT sheets on each bill HERE.



The 5th #GOV101 in our series of seminars, getting rave reviews:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for an informative and inspirational evening.  I haven’t felt this good about America since 8th grade Civics class!  You and everyone on the panel last night just oozed competence, sincerity, and intelligence.  You made me feel proud to be a citizen and you made me want to stop just complaining about everything that’s wrong and to start actually doing something to fix it.  Today I made my first ever phone call to an elected official.  I plan to make lots more.”

~~~Marjorie, University City

“THANK YOU for a great session.  My wife and I learned so much and your panel experts were excellent!!!  There were causes I did not consider much, yet after hearing their stories I am now motivated to support their agenda.  It really was excellent and should be a model for all states and state represenatives all over the U.S.”

~~~Craig, Clayton

“Amazing and empowering experience.  What a powerhouse panel you put together and YOU are a total rock star. Thank you thank you thank you for bringing us all together. Through my professional work with Jewish Federation’s Millstone Institute, I along with our JCRC Exec have designed a three part advocacy series followed by a 2 day trip to DC this May through the Jewish Federation’s of North America’s Washington Office. #Gov101 gave me insights and tools to enhance our program. Thank you again. I’m going to tell everyone I know about #Gov101.”
~~~Karen, St. Louis
“I was a bit concerned that this was scheduled for 2.5 hour! My friend and I had discussed not staying the whole time. We LOVED every minute of it. The best part was for sure the panel. Learning about different organizations was wonderful! I followed many on Twitter right there in the audience and look forward to helping them!”
~~~Wendy, St. Louis


#GOV101 – Springfield Missouri – April 6, 2017

Thursday evening—- 7pm, registration opens at 6:30pm.

National Avenue Christian Church

1515 South National, Springfield, MO 65804

Featuring Planned Parenthood of Southwest Missouri, PROMO, Empower Missouri, NAACP-Missouri, Moms Demand Action – Springfield, Jobs With Justice, MO Healthcare for All, NAMI – Southwest Missouri and more.


Sponsored by Rep. Crystal Quade (D-Springfield) and ProgressWomen.com, over 1200 people throughout Missouri (and some from Kansas and Illinois) have registered to attend sold out #GOV101 seminars the past few months.

Help share Springfield’s #GOV101 and even come yourself —EVENT LINK HERE.

With Springfield State Rep. Crystal Quade, both of us dressed in red to honor last week’s national“Day Without a Woman”—as we work together for women’s equality in the Capitol.


Needless, Senseless Unintentional Shootings by Kids

I was asked by Washington University’s Gun Violence Initiative via their Institute of Public Health to write a piece this month focusing on children and gun violence.

I was fortunate to attend their recent Pediatric Firearm Injury and Safety Symposium: Keeping Our Kids Safe, also sponsored by the Department of Pediatrics, Washington University School of Medicine and St. Louis Children’s Hospital.  You should have come.

You know I am passionate regarding nonsensical unintentional shootings of kids – by kids.  I’m proud and so lucky to work closely with my Tennessee partner, Beth Joslin Roth as we direct the national Childrens’ Firearm Safety Alliance and update it’s data base daily.

As you may know, one the most recent tragedies happened here in St. Louis last week. Another kid who would still be alive if we cared enough to make adults accountable for guns in the home.  So far in 2017, 21 kids have been killed and 36 kids injured —by other kids finding a gun.  Senseless.



LAGNIAPPE (Louisiana French meaning “extra gift”, one of my all time favorite words)

With Greater Missouri Women’s Leadership Challenge participants as they learned about the state legislative process in the Capitol recently.

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