Governor Signs Unconstitutional Punitive Abortion Bill in Secret

Finally, after 47 days at an estimated $20K per day (will be weeks before the actual cost is determined or even publicly revealed), Governor Grietens signed SB5 into law last week. The bill goes into effect 90 days after passage on July 26th.

Remember, this is YOUR money he is spending as he cuts funds from seniors and the disabled.

It is women in every zip code and physicians in every county he’s attacking in exchange for support from the evangelical right wing base of his newly aligned party.

Flanked by pro-life lobbyists and GOP legislators who sponsored similar bills during regular session, the Governor barred media and the public from a secret signing ceremony in his office on July 26th.


His statement released on Facebook:


#1 – The bill which contains over 30 pages of targeted regulations of abortion providers (TRAP) is unconstitutional on it’s face.  These new regulations are medically unnecessary, opposed by every credible medical organization and are designed to make abortion procedures more difficult to access.

Several of Missouri’s previous TRAP regulations are currently blocked due to a preliminary injunction issued by a federal district court in April. The court enjoined the hospital admitting privilege requirements of abortion providers and requirements of clinics which provide abortions to be licensed as abulatory surgical centers.

TRAP provisions in SB5 do not meet the U.S. Supreme Court new standard based on the 2016 landmark decision in Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt. The court said, “The benefit of abortion restrictions MUST outweigh the burden they impose”.

#2 – The governor and GOP bill sponsors insist that SB5 “protects Women’s Health and Safety”.  OB-GYNS and other medical professionals testified consistently these statements are false.

I am a little more blatant is saying these statements are utter nonsense.

There is NOTHING in SB5 that “protects women’s health and safety”.  If there were, wouldn’t credible medical organizations be in support?  We trust in the medical community when we need them, don’t we all? Their expertise remains vital particularly when MORE unsubstantiated medical policy is dictated for them to follow via state statute.

#3 – SB5 is an attempt to preempt the new St Louis reproductive health anti-discrimination ordinance – which specifically exempts religious-based entities.

Governor Greitens wants to further PROTECT state funded crisis pregnancy centers – which already receive millions in state funding and have no state regulations to provide medically accurate or factual information and mandate honest advertising practices.

#4 – Rather than attempt to roll back protections for those who live and work in the City of St. Louis, we should pass reproductive anti-discrimination for all Missouri women (I sponsored HB376 this past session).

TRUTH: SB5 is about preventing access to safe and legal abortion and penalizing physicians who are bound by medical ethics to give women the healthcare they need.



You read that correctly.

A federal appeals court in upholding a judge’s order ruled that Missouri must pay more than $156,000 in legal fees to Planned Parenthood, regarding a 2016 lawsuit over a clinic’s abortion license.

The Columbia Missourian reported: 

“The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on July 20 affirmed U.S. District Judge Nanette Laughrey’s August 2016 decision that the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services must pay the attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred by what now is Planned Parenthood Great Plains. Laughrey also blocked the state from revoking the Columbia clinic’s abortion license.”

So even before the check has been issued to Planned Parenthood regarding the state’s attack on reproductive healthcare last session, the Governor is setting up Missouri to incur even more legal costs (see above).

So much for fiscal conservatism and mindfulness of Missouri’s budget woes and current punitive cuts.


New Study Shows that States With the Most Anti-Abortion Laws Also Have the Worst Women’s Health

Why is this NOT surprising?

Isn’t it time we stop political attacks on women’s private reproductive health care which includes abortions for numerous reasons?

How about focusing our time and money on addressing REAL health concerns in our state?

Even though Missouri is not specifically mentioned in the Mother Jones article , the study released earlier this week gives Missouri a very low score.

The Center for Reproductive Rights in collaboration with Ibis Reproductive Health updated their 2014 report HERE.

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