Who I Choose: My Endorsements in MO Primary, August 7th

Like you, I’m voting Tuesday, August 7th in the Missouri Primary because my vote is my power.  

Be smart. Check your Missouri voter registration, polling place and sample ballot HERE.

Not in town August 7th? VOTE ABSENTEE NOW.  St. Louis County: Northwest Plaza or satellite offices HERE. 

I know these candidates personally and am spending every hour from now until Election Day working to get them elected. I highly endorse them and urge you also to vote for them. I cannot stress enough how desperately we need them in office.




After serving 9 years in the State House, I am term limited. Ian is who I want to represent me.

* Ian is the ONLY fighter in this race. He has testified in my committees, participated in reproductive rights, equality & healthcare lobby days for years, worked for Secretary of State Robin Carnahan and has long been a strong advocate in Jefferson City and in the community.

* Ian is the ONLY fighter against gun violence in this race. As a former teacher, he will be a strong fighter to keep guns away from kids & stand strong against the gun lobby. That is vital.

*Ian would be the ONLY early childhood educator/attorney in the House. As a early childhood educator (and also an attorney) for 8 years (from a Head Start school in Springfield MO to a pre-school at Harvard University), Ian brings expertise on early childhood, public and higher education.

* Ian is the ONLY candidate who consistently shows up. Whether it be testifying in Jeff City, our city wide Houston hurricane relief effort last summer, marching in the Women’s March & Pride Parades every year, protesting for civil rights and criminal justice reform, rallying on behalf of reproductive rights, volunteering at the Church of St. Michael and St. John or in his Richmond Heights neighborhood, Ian shows up when it counts.

Ian’s Endorsements to date: Clayton Township Democrats, Hadley Township Democrats, Mobilize Missouri, Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate, NARAL Prochoice Missouri, Planned Parenthood, ProgressWomen, Sierra Club, UAW, National VOTE PROCHOICE – and State Senator Scott Sifton, State Reps. Stacey Newman, Bruce Franks, Sue Meredith, Crystal Quade, Martha Stevens, Cora Faith Walker, University City Mayor Terry Crow, Clayton Alderwomen Joanne Boulton & Bridge McAndrew, Honorables Joan Bray, Harriet Tatum Brown, Cynthia Garnholz and Jeanne Kirkton.


Even though I don’t live in MO-2, I am honored to be co-chair of Cort’s campaign.

* Cort is a close family friend who is the real deal. Burt and I have known Cort for years after he volunteered in my 2012 campaign and was in Burt’s WashU law class. He is running a solid campaign with committed staff and is doing the very hard work required, including relentless fundraising and doorknocking. We admire him greatly

Cort has a deeply personal reason for running for Congress. As a longtime single mom of three, Cort’s mother depended on the Affordable Care Act after her terminal breast cancer diagnosis.  After her recent death, Cort decided to challenge GOP Congresswoman Ann Wagner who voted many times against the ACA. Her stance against healthcare made him angry and step up to run.  See his brand new TV commercial HERE.

* Cort supports every issue that you and I care about – protecting reproductive rights, keeping us safe in every neighborhood from gun violence, safeguarding the environment and keeping education accessible and affordable.

* Cort is the ONLY candidate to help take back the House.  Cort is the clear frontrunner in the Democratic primary, outraising Ann Wagner the past 3 quarters and is the ONLY one who has fundraised to effectively challenge her in November.  Cort has put MO-2 on national radar – it is among the top 20 House races destined to flip seats.  Already his campaign has reached 763,176 voters, knocked on 320,459 doors, in 75+ cities and towns in 3 counties. I’m doing everything I can to help.

Cort’s Endorsements to date: National NARAL PRO-CHOICE America, Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, UAW, St. Louis American, End Citizens United, St. Louis Young Democrats; Campaign Co-chair Charles Burson (former chief of staff to Vice President Al Gore), Campaign Co-chair State Rep. Stacey Newman, Vince Schoemehl (former Mayor of St. Louis), St. Louis County Assessor Jake Zimmerman, State Senator Jill Schupp, State Rep. Tracy McCreery, Honorables Jeanne Kirkton, Rita Heard Days & former MO-2 Candidate, Kelli Dunaway.


I saw firsthand last summer the lack of justice for those wrongly arrested during peaceful protests in the county, held without access to legal counsel and the indifference by local leaders and the state legislature to address the injustice.

* Wesley has the background and expertise to advance criminal justice reform in the county.  As a two term Ferguson City Councilman, longtime public defender and criminal justice professor, he has made these reforms his hallmark.  He worked to implement the Dept. of Justice recommendations in Ferguson through both police and court reform.

* Wesley shows up when it counts.  Not just in the courtroom and classroom but in the public arena.  St. Louis County has a horrible record of racial injustice through the court system and Wesley is willing to take on the solutions.  Recognizing the problems and speaking out is the first step. He has invited his opponent to numerous public debates and often has been the only one to appear.

* St. Louis desperately needs a strong criminal justice advocate, particularly in the Prosecutor’s office. After serving on the Missouri House Crime Prevention and Public Safety Committee, I saw the lack of will at the state level to make the justice system equitable.  We routinely pass legislation making it easier to target minorities, even after my Black colleagues spoke of their personal heartbreaking stories. Wesley is the advocate we need in St. Louis County.

* Our region MUST do better.  Recent incidents of discriminatory racial targeting, disparities in traffic stops of minorities, lack of accountability and transparency in passenger stops, lack of a county civilian review oversight board and lack of efforts to reform the justice system is enough for me. Justice that I expect for me should also be for my neighbors and friends.

Wesley’s Endorsements to date: Democracy for America, Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-choice Missouri, SEIU Service Employees International Union, Real Justice, national Color of Change, Edgar Road Progressive Parents, CountHer Movement, Mobilize Missouri, St. Louis Young Dems, St. Louis High School Democrats, Ethical Society of Police, Indivisible St. Louis, Ferguson 1000, State Representatives Stacey Newman & Bruce Franks, Jr.; State Senator Jamilah Nasheed; St. Louis County Councilwomen Hazel Erby & Rochelle Walton-Gray; County Mayors Michele DeShay, Terry Epps, Nate Griffin, Robert Hensley, Brian Jackson, Reggie Jones, Viola Murphy, Everet Thomas; Ferguson Councilwoman Ella Jones, Ferguson Councilman Keith Karlstrom, Jennings Councilman Terry Wilson, Honorable Sharon Pace, Rachel White, numerous Alderpersons and Percy Green, New Community Action & longtime advocate.

Thank you….and please vote August 7th.

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