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Debating on the Missouri House Floor


State Rep. Stacey Newman has represented District #87, in suburban St. Louis County since November 2009 when she was first elected in a special election.

Legislative focus: Reproductive Justice, Gun Violence Prevention and Voters Rights.

She is the Ranking Democrat on House Elections Committee; serves on Children & Families, and Crime and Public Safety committees; and is also the Chair of the House Progressive Caucus, the largest caucus of Democrats.







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Missouri HB 1397 – making gun purchases in Missouri as tough to get as an abortion.

Frustrated by the large number of abortion restrictions passed every year by the Missouri legislature, Stacey decided to highlight the hypocrisy of never ending “pro-life” bills filed every year in contrast to the alarming rise of gun fatalities, particularly in Kansas City and St. Louis. Missouri gained the distinction in 2015 with the most toddler shootings in the country —5 little kids barely able to walk pulled the trigger on themselves or someone in their home.

The bill sparked an enormous outcry with over 1000 supportive emails and campaign donations from 47 states and features including Elle, Glamour, CosmopolitanMacLeans in Canada, Le Monde in France and Gail Collins in her syndicated New York Times column.  Her family was amused that news of her bill even trended for awhile on Facebook and the New York Times.

She also sponsors common sense popular legislation including universal background checks on all gun sales, restricting felons and domestic violence abusers from possessing guns, holding adults responsible due to firearm child endangerment and gun violence temporary restraining orders.  Her 2016 bills HERE.

Stacey works closely with the ongoing Washington University in St. Louis initiative, “Gun Violence: A Public Health Crisis“, a collaborative launched in April 2015 by Chancellor Mark Wrighton and his wife, Risa Zwerling Wrighton which includes the Medical School, Law School, School of Social Work and Institute of Public Health.

Stacey & Sophie at the 2000 Million Mom March in Washington D.C.

Stacey & Sophie at the 2000 Million Mom March in Washington D.C.

Spurred to run for office after her 6 year old daughter Sophie in 2000 appeared on the national Rosie O’Donnell show talking about kids and guns, Stacey has taken the lead in the legislature in fighting extreme gun bills each year pushed by the gun lobby.  She began lobbying as a mom in 2001, working closely with Governor Bob Holden against Missouri’s conceal and carry proposals

Newman continues to work closely with national groups, particularly the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, along with Million Mom March alumni & survivors all across the country who remain committed to passing sensible laws which will save lives.




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Stacey is a consistent champion for women and takes the lead on the House floor loudly defending attacks on women’s reproductive private medical decisions.

In 2016 she pushed back on the GOP’s “Witch Hunt” of Planned Parenthood and served on the interim committee designed to investigate false claims from a highly edited video.   Recently she wrote the minority member dissenting report of the “Witch Hunt” committee, invoking House Rule 35 which is rarely used. Read the report HERE.

IMG_3599Stacey works closely with the Missouri affiliates of Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-choice Missouri, including Planned Parenthood’s teen advocates for sexual health, TASH.  During the national “PINK OUT – Stand with Planned Parenthood” day on September 29, 2015, she rallied with hundreds at Washington University in St. Louis and also the University of Missouri in Columbia.

Stacey directs ProgressWomen, a legislative project designed to engage women who haven’t been political active but care deeply about progressive issues.  She has connected over 2500 women throughout Missouri and works closely with college women, including OWN IT Wash U and the Washington University Student Advocates for Reproductive Health.

She made national news in 2012 when she filed an anti-Vasectomy bill fighting back against Missouri GOP’s War on Women. After being one of the “Silenced Seven” Democratic women who were not allowed to debate on a birth control bill after standing over 3 hours at their microphones, Newman fought back with  HB1853 (2012) – which would require state government oversight for vasectomies.

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With Rev. Al Sharpton at St. Louis Event for Voter's Rights

With Rev. Al Sharpton at a Voters Rights Symposium at Harris Stowed State University in St. Louis along with Congressmen Lacy Clay Jr. and Emanuel Cleaver.


Since first elected, Stacey has been the leader in the legislature fighting against Voter Suppression efforts. As the ranking Democratic member on the House Elections Committee, she is vocal and aggressive – fighting against Voter ID efforts year after year which would require photo identification and other hurdles for eligible voters.

She works hand in hand with Denise Lieberman, senior attorney with the national Advancement Project in fighting back bills & constitutional amendments which would prevent over 220,000 current registered Missourians from voting. 




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With daughter Sophie

Prior to running for office, Newman was the Missouri Women’s Vote Director for the Missouri Democratic Party and the Missouri 2004 John Kerry for President Campaign. She was also a founder and executive director of Harriet’s List, a statewide PAC to elect progressive women to the state legislature, named after Harriet Woods, the first woman Lt. Governor in the state. In addition, she founded/directed the Missouri Women’s Coalition which engaged the statewide Democratic women’s vote.

Stacey retired from Trans World Airlines after a 14 year career as a flight crew member, flying domestic and international routes based out of Chicago and St. Louis. A native of Kansas City Kansas, she graduated from Emporia State University with two bachelor degrees in theatre and education.

Stacey lives in Richmond Heights in St. Louis County with her husband, Burt Newman, a retired attorney.  Their family includes Sophie, school counselor at Guadalupe Center Middle School in Kansas City & graduate student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  She is also a very proud “Nana” of grandchildren – Isaac, Kennedy, Maya and Joshua.